Feeling Overwhelmed? – 7 Steps to Bring Peace of Mind

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your personal and/or professional life, it can take a toll on your overall joy and well-being.

At the end of the day, aren’t we all looking for peace of mind and to feel like your day was worthwhile, that you helped another and that you did the best you could do?

I’m sure there are many days you feel that way, and yet other times you feel weighed down by everything.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself these questions:

Am I overextending myself, or trying to get too much done all at once?

Did I take care of everyone else, or try to please everyone and forget that I’m on that list of people as well?

Was I pushing myself too hard, or not enough?

Do I feel behind on many things, or there aren’t enough hours in a day, or that I haven’t felt up to doing anything, and now I look at my list of things to do and it seems too much?

Am I handling my emotions and my time the best that I can, or are they handling me?

If you are overwhelmed, you may be feeling exhausted. You may notice your emotions are all over the map, or running higher than usual. Perhaps you just don’t feel like yourself, or it all feels like too much, or you feel weighed down by everything that’s been going on or things you need to get done.

Since most of us, for the most part, are awesome multi-taskers and generally have a fairly good handle on our lives and emotions, we may not recognize the pressures we’ve been under and the toll it’s been taking until something happens to open our eyes.

The good news is, whether you are heading into the storm of overwhelm, or are already feeling snowed under, there are definitely things you can do that can help you regain your peace of mind.

What can you do?

Step back. Since you may be running on over-drive, it’s important you slow down for a moment and take notice of where you are and what choices you have. Step back before you take the next step forward. Unwind, take a walk, do some yoga, meditate, listen to music, look at nature, go for a swim, breathe, etc. When you are calmer and more relaxed, it’s always easier to see what your next steps are.

To-Do List. Lists are a great way to keep you on track, but make sure you prioritize them from what’s most important to what’s least important on the things that have to get done. We often have things on our lists that don’t HAVE to get done right away, and they can wait until another time. You don’t have to vacuum the dust bunnies today.

Ask for help. This is a tough one for a lot of people, but it’s also very important especially when feeling overwhelmed. You don’t have to do go it alone or do everything yourself. You don’t have to be superwoman or man all the time. When someone helps you or is there for you, it can take a lot of pressure off and bring you support and comfort during a stressful time. You are there for others and it’s okay for others to be there for you.

Make time for you. Perhaps you are last on your list right now, but believe it or not giving back to you can replenish your energy and spirits. In the long run, you will learn how and to pace yourself and therefore, be able to handle things better and be more productive or centered.

Say no. Just like asking for help, saying no can also be difficult. If you try to please others all the time, or you are doings things that aren’t best for you right now, or you are taking on too much, then before you know it you are feeling overwhelmed. Saying no doesn’t mean you are always going to say no, it just means at this time it’s best for you and the situation to say, “Thank-you, but this time I’m not able to do that or, I will take a rain-check.”

Check In. When was the last time you checked in with yourself? How are you doing right now? What can you do to ease things or feel less stressed or emotional? We generally know what we need to do, or what will help, but we don’t check in to hear what it is, or if we do we don’t listen. Listen.

Let go. Letting go isn’t always easy because we like to think we can control as much as possible. Knowing what’s important to do and what we “truly” have to do helps in letting go of other things. It’s okay to let go.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything, know everything, and please everyone. Know what’s truly important.

The Insight Technique assists you in seeing what’s creating the overwhelm in your life and what you need to let go of to bring back peace of mind into your life.

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique&trade.

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Kimberley is certified in Body Mind Counselling, Process Oriented Body Work and Spiritual Psychotherapy and Polarity Therapy. She founded the Insight Technique™ – Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in transforming limiting mindsets.

Tips On How To Advertise Your Special Events And Concerts

Going to special events or concerts is one of the options that individuals can choose in case that they wish to have some quality time with their friends or loved ones. Watching concerts or events of great musicians, actors and performers can make your day memorable. In addition, good sound, lights and videos can make your experience more fabulous.

However, as an event organizer, you need to be sure that you can attract a lot of audience to watch your events or concerts. That is why before planning an event or a concert, it is best to advertise your events properly. Listed below are some tips on how to efficiently promote events.

Advertise on newspapers – In case that you are promoting an event in your community or local, advertising on newspapers is the ideal option. Surely, every individual in the neighborhood can easily find information about your upcoming event. In addition, organizers can easily accomplish their ventures and make events more successful.

Feature events and concerts on the radio – Another option that organizers can choose to feature their events it advertise on the radio. Airing schedules of events or concerts on the radio can help organizers entice viewers and guests. Not to mention, organizers can attract their target audience efficiently since almost all individuals are listening to the radio to hear news, updates and groovy music from renowned artists and bands.

Go online – One of the most efficient options to promote events or concerts is to go online. Promoting online can be very efficient. Organizers can easily find online platforms that can help them find their target audience. Moreover, going online is much affordable since it helps organizers reduce their overhead expenses.

Make use of mobile apps – Since technology evolves rapidly, another option individuals can choose is to make use of mobile apps. Some companies now provide mobile apps that can help individuals search for events or concerts in any part of the region. Aside from that, since most individuals now make use of smart phones due to its accessibility to the internet, organizers are sure that individuals will have updates about the upcoming events they are waiting for.

With these tips, watching cool events and concerts can become easier and more efficient. Individuals are also rest assured that they are updated with the best band and artists who are going to their neighborhood to provide fun and enjoyment for the whole family. For more, click here.

EZFairs is a reliable company that helps organizers to promote their events. These services can help increase sales and enhance communication with your audience to make your events better and more memorable. To know more, visit this site.

The Five Sources of Sublimity

The Tiger Who Would Be King (by: James Thurber)

1. The power of conceiving impressive thoughts.

“We need a change,” said the tiger. “The creatures are crying for a change.”

“I’ll be king of beasts by the time the moon rises,” said the tiger. “It will be a yellow moon with black stripes, in my honour.”

“What are we fighting for?” someone asked the aardvark.

“The old order,” said the aardvark.

“What are we dying for?” someone asked the zebra.

“The new order,” said the zebra.

2. Strong Emotion.

The tiger prowled through the jungle till he came to the lion’s den. “Come out,” he roared,” and greet the king of beasts! The king is dead, long live the king!”

It was a terrible fight and it lasted until the setting of the sun. All the animals of the jungle joined in, some taking the side of the tiger and others the side of the lion. Every creature from the aardvark to the zebra took part in the struggle to overthrow the lion or to repulse the tiger, and some did not knot know which they were fighting for, and some fought for both, and some fought whoever was nearest and some fought for the sake of fighting.

3. Certain Kinds of Figures of Thought & Speech

In this story, the tiger is depicted as being selfish. He seeks for his self-interest even though his actions finally make other people in trouble or even die. He does not care for common well-being or general welfare. The tiger is imaginative. From the passage, the tiger even imagines that the moon will be “yellow” with “stripes” in his honor. The tiger is greedy for power. The tiger is proud of himself. He also is arrogant. According to the passage, the tiger said that “I’ll be king of beasts by the time the moon rises” and “It will be a yellow moon with stripes in my honor.” Moreover, the tiger has subjective thought. According to the passage, the tiger said that “We need a change,” and “The creatures are crying for a change.” In reality, there was no one crying. The reader can see from “The tigress listened but she could hear no crying, except that of her cubs.”

The Tiger Who Would Be King weaves ambiguity and irony and allows them to influence the readers understanding and perception of the characters, themes, and plots in various ways. For example, ambiguity, a lack of clarity, presents itself when the brash and volatile tiger arrogantly declares “I’ll be king of beasts by the time the moon rises” his presents us with the central plot and conflict of the story as well as some insight into his character and personality. The fact that he declares war against Leo the Lion leaves us with some ambiguity as we do not know if he will triumph and only know that an epic battle lies in store.

4. Nobility of Diction.

When the moon rose, fevered and gibbous, it shone upon a jungle in which nothing stirred except a macaw and a cockatoo, screaming in horror. All the beasts were dead except the tiger, and his days were numbered and his time was ticking away. He was monarch of all he surveyed, but it didn’t seem to mean anything.

5. Composition: Word order, Rhythm, Euphony.

The Tiger Who Would Be King is written in a form of narrative, which tells us about the story of how ambitious of power the tiger is. It is also a Fable. A story in which the main characters are animals and the moral of the story is always presented at the end of the story.

‘Music and Art Are Inextricably Linked’ A Look at Ronnie Wood Art

Ronnie Wood, best known as a member of the Rolling Stones since 1975, is also an incredible artist. This is no surprise, when you consider the fact that he was born into a remarkable musical artistic family. Additionally before he started his musical career he had received formal art training at Ealing College of Art, London.

Entwining Music and Art

Ronnie first started painting at the age of 12 and this passion never died away. Whilst pursuing his musical career he also continued his love for drawing and painting. Ronnie chose subjects which ranged from bands and musicians that he admired, to family and close friends. The fact that he wanted to draw and paint the musical genius’s that inspired him indicates that music and art are inextricably linked, or at least certainly for Ronnie.

Other music legends including John Lennon and Bob Dylan, have also become great artists, further underpinning the strong link between music and art.

Developing the Print Making Technique

In the early eighties, Ronnie produced his first prints, these where a series of woodcuts and monotypes. At this point in his life he was not an experienced print maker, so it was the great enthusiasm to learn from Ronnie that lead him to an opportunity in 1987 to work in a professional print making studio in England. From then on he devoted a lot of time to print making, producing images using different techniques including etching, screenpoint, dry point and woodcut.

Inspiration and Reception

His work has been so well received over the years and has been widely exhibited. For instance, he has had numerous exhibitions in America, the Far East and Europe.

Ronnie claims that he has been inspired by many great artists of the past including Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gough. These have no doubt inspired him to keep on painting.

His love for art is so great that Ronnie has stated “When I get inspired I get almost possessed and I just have to paint”.

This innovative artist and musician is often known to have a pencil and guitar in his hand. He paints in a studio in London’s East End. Wood is constantly dedicating himself to painting and is pursuing more ways in which he can express himself creatively. He is an excellent print maker who has developed his skills and techniques.

Buying Modern Art Online

Art is quite wide in the modern societies and encompasses different kinds of paintings. The advancements that have been made over the years as far as technology is concerned has made it easier to create art pieces and also much easier to sell them. Artists no longer have to struggle with their pieces since it has become easier for them to reach their target market and supply their pieces across the globe. This is, especially with the help of online presence and safe transactions that can be done on the same platform.

The internet has opened new pathways for artists and art lovers. This is because it is now possible for anyone, at any given location and time to access modern art. Apart from getting a chance to look at all art one is interested in, the buyers find it easier to purchase all items they need in bulk. The credit goes to the shipping options which will cover most parts of the world accommodating the current needs in market. Art galleries have gone online and thus they have penetrated the market making everything easy for artists and buyers.

When thinking modern art, online buying is one of the easiest ways to go. It is important to begin by looking for online galleries that you can trust in terms of quality. By simply looking at the kind of art pieces a gallery deals with, it will be easier for you to decide if it’s has what you want. A good gallery will have a variety of art options for you so that whether you are looking for watercolor pieces or oil paintings you will find them. The same should be the case whether you are looking for original pieces or reproductions. Luckily, most of the online galleries will have everything that you need.

To buy the best art pieces online, the subject that you are most interested in matters. Paintings can be vast covering different subjects among the most popular being architecture, nature and even people among others. Online buying is easy and this is because the dealers will categorize what they have in relation to the subjects. You will therefore find your way to the exact art you are interested in without wasting too much time trying to locate the best pieces. Most will also categorize what they have in terms of most popular art pieces and most popular artists. You will, therefore directly gain access to what it is you are looking for the most.

When buying modern art online however, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the payment options made available to you. Online transactions are safe and secure but they can also be very risky. It is therefore of great importance to settle for payment options, that you find most secure and convenient. The terms of service are also important and should be dedicated to giving you value for the money you spend on the art pieces at the end of the day.

How To Buy Modern Art

Art is beautiful and when selected well, it can transform any space. Modern art has become just as interesting as antique pieces which have retained value over the years, bearing the names of famous artists. The fact is that there are upcoming modern artists making a name in the market too and hence, today, the options are numerous. Apart from artists, technological advancement has also taken art a notch higher making modern art superior in quality and easy to produce.

Modern art buyers now have the option of going for handmade pieces which are more valuable or for Giclees. Giclees are paintings that are created using a digital printer. As a result, they tend to be crisper in detail. The choice of course lies with the buyer considering that each has a price tag to it and value. Reproductions of popular paintings such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci are also possible. Plenty of other works by popular artists such as Vincent van Gogh, El Greco and John William among many others can now be reproduced at cheaper rates.

When buying modern art, you first will need to determine your personal taste. You are better off going for a piece of art that you love the most and one that you can hang at any given point and enjoy. Even though some of the pieces have remained popular over time, they might not be as appealing to you as an individual, but considering that there are so many options now, you will find art that you love the most. You can base your selection on the artist or the subject. The most popular subjects include landscape, architecture, people, animal, children and even portraits among others.

You also want to look at how affordable the pieces are in relation to their quality. It is best to go for high quality art pieces which will serve your needs for years. You have the option of going for oil paintings or watercolor paintings depending on what you find most valuable. As far as quality is concerned, you will also find it important to look at the materials used to put the pieces together. For instance, apart from the type of paints used, what canvas material has been used for the painting? This is because some materials are more durable and higher in cost than others; hence the need for deeper consideration with these.

Original prints are different from ordinary reproductions and it is therefore important to know the difference when buying modern art. Art dealers have different terms and conditions for services they offer. This makes it quite important for you to shop around till you have found one that you find most convenient for the kind of needs that you have. By looking around, you also stand the chance of finding better prices for the same quality art pieces that you are interested in. You could also find better and flexible payment options with your search amongst the best dealers.

Tips for Planning for Portable Toilet Rentals During an Event

As an event planner, you are always facing the challenge of organising a successful event. This applies to all areas including planning, timing and the entire function. Everything must be in its rightful place failure to which your reputation can get ruined. If you are planning an outdoor event that will take several hours, you need to ensure that people will enjoy themselves. One of the most important facilities that you need to hire is a Porta potty rental.

Portable toilet rentals will be used when people need to relieve themselves. An outdoor event that involves food and music necessitates this need. To avoid disappointment, it is important to work with a company that has references. This is a company that people trusts and whose services are timely and reliable. You can visit their website and read client reviews so that you can understand how the company operates. After this, you ask the company for personal references that you can contact for advice and a brief introduction of the services that the company offers. Here are other tips when planning to acquire toilet rentals that are portable:

• The design of the model: The best portable restroom rentals have the necessary facilities so that people can use them with ease. They include enough space to fit while using the facility, a flushing unit, sinks that have soap and running water and enough lighting to be able to see clearly. There are toilet rentals that have air conditioner, mirrors, sanitizers and mirrors. The choice of rental will depend on the money that you are willing to spend.

• Rapid response: Even the most well prepared and meticulous event planner can run into challenges during the event with the restroom trailer rentals. When this happens, you need to call the company so that a technician can offer assistance. The expert should be able to reach the event on time so that your clients’ event is not interfered with. It is advisable to work with a company near you so that in case of challenges, the situation will be dealt with quickly.

• Shower trailer rentals are the best in environments that are very hot and humid. People are able to shower and cool their bodies. Additionally, these rentals are great for events that take the entire day.
Portable toilet rentals are indeed the best solution for the bathroom during an outdoor event. No matter the toilet rental that you choose, ensure that it functions well.

5 Cool Watercolour Tricks for Kids

Water colour paint is a perfect way to help explore a kid’s artistic side because it is easy to mix and there is a simple clean up job afterwards. It also presents parents with a fun activity to perform with their kids. With a few cool tips and tricks you can help your kids create some interesting paintings and impress your kids with an art class right in your home.


This is a simple technique that will present beautiful results. You can draw a half outline of a butterfly on a thick water colour paper. Fold it right in the middle and the straighten it out. Have your kids paint the outline in with different shades of watercolour. You can let them get creative with the colours. Once that is done you can fold the paper back up from the middle carefully when the paint is still wet. The end result will be a beautiful butterfly.

Use Stickers

You can have the kids paste different shaped plain stickers on the paper before they start painting with watercolour. Then let them paint the page with different colours. When they are done and the paint is dry, take the stickers out carefully and you can have a cool abstract painting. You can also use the painted stickers on different art projects.

Water Colour and Salt

After your kids have painted a portrait using watercolour you can sprinkle some salt on it when it is still wet. Let it dry then dust off the salt. Some of the salt crystals will stick to the painting and give a cool texture to the painting.

Water Colour with Oil

Provide you kids with two eyedroppers. Let them drop watercolours on the paper using the eyedropper. Using the other dropper let them drop oil on the paper and in-between the colour droplets. Let the sheet of paper dry and you and your kids can enjoy the abstract paintings that are created.

Water Colour around Cut-outs

Get some animal images from internet and cut out the animals from them. Place the cut-out on a plain water colour sheet. Let the kids creatively paint around the cut-out. Take the cut-out off the paper and see the end result which will surely be a cool piece of art.

Use the techniques above and come up with some of your own by experimenting and mixing it up with different surfaces and resistive materials. And you can create fun and cool art with your kids using water colours.

Company Introduction

Artworx Geelong is an Australian owned company operated by a team of directors experienced in both retail and the arts. They own the biggest art store in Victoria. They offer their customers an extensive collection of discounted art products. They offer customers the option of purchasing from their online store or their shop front.

Sport Banners! FIFA Art Printing

Being a writer, Josh Makkaveli always prefer to write on different topics but marketing, technical promotional tools and publications are the subjects that make me love my work. Because all of these are the most valued types of discussions in which all businessmen can participate openly and put their views as well as experiences. Here at this writing portal I have shared some of them and want to get feedback from my followers because only the readers are the real asset of a writer and help him writing more efficiently. Topic in hand is soccer banner printing for FIFA world cup because soccer craze is at peak.

Soccer is a craze among people of all ages in many societies. Onset of FIFA world cup fires the excitement of soccer fans throughout the world. Where hundreds of lucky ones manage to reach the host country for cherishing the game live, thousands of others satiate their passion by throwing soccer parties, organizing massive screenings, buying sports gear and decorating their premises with soccer banners.

Banners in general are widely used in adding color and charm to many occasions. Mega sports events are no exception. Sport banners are widely used for adorning screening sights and sports parties. When most soccer matches have an electric atmosphere with crazy fans chanting in favor of their respective teams, everyone wants to show loyalty and support whilst being counted. Though many fans get hostile and violent in display of their passion, you can express your support and allegiance to your favorite teams and players in a civilized manner through art banners.

FIFA world cup is one of the most passionately followed international events. Many soccer fans spend their savings to enjoy the tournament live. Imagine the pleasure of flaunting your FIFA sports pennant sitting among the keen audiences in the stadium. It is evident that players derive a lot of inspiration and strength from their supporters in the crowds. This is why fans often use to design banners and pennants to boost the morale of the team they support. If you are lucky enough to avail such a chance, make sure to get your well designed soccer banners, besides other preparatory measures.

Sports banners, pennants and burgees can enhance the pleasure of a game many folds even if you are not sitting in the stadium. Many a times, friends, families and colleagues gather together to watch the matches during world cup tournament. Such gatherings can equally use sports banners to give an air of festivity to the event. If you are attending a soccer party in the midst of the tournament, it is the most apt event to use all your sports gear and hoist soccer banners and pennants.

Local and regional soccer teams and associations also get energized during FIFA world cup. Many players playing in the local teams dream of playing the FIFA world cup one day. Several school and college soccer teams schedule their matches around FIFA world cup. Grad school teams also print banners to brighten their inter school soccer matches. If you are a member or supporter of any such team, make sure to make an impression with well designed and printed sports banners.

Besides crazy soccer fans, many businesses can also benefit by printing sports banners. For instance, if you deal in sports fan gear, you have to make a maximum business during soccer season. You can print large eye catchy fan gear sports banners to entice soccer fans into buying T-shirts, helmets, badges and other sports gear with FIFA insignia printed on them.

Soccer banners can be designed in different sizes and colors. The sizes of banners are mostly decided depending upon the location. Backdrop banners are generally large and are designed in bright colors to enhance the visibility. Most fans, however, prefer to print their banners in their team colors. Team’s insignia along with FIFA’s insignia are also printed on soccer banners. Sports banners can be generic so that they can be used over and over again. On the other hand, more enthusiastic fans design more personalized banners that feature names and photos of their favorite players besides dates, slogans and personalized quotes. More personalized banners often grab more attention than generic ones, but they cannot be repeatedly used.

Sports banners are cheap and easy to print. They can be printed on either vinyl stock or fabric material – both of which are fairly inexpensive. With the increasing popularity of soccer, many companies are offering online services for custom designed sport banner printing. You can design your soccer banners down to the small details yourself and seek the services of any reliable printing company that can give the best treatment to your designs. Refined printing and finishing techniques can make your banners worth noticing.

Praise Will Always Bring Success! Praising God That Is

“Whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him who orders his conversation right, will I show My salvation.” Psalms 50:23

In any endeavor, any undertaking, we must go to God (Jesus) and do what He directs and how He says to do it!

We, meaning those that are calling ourselves… believers, saints, Kingdom people, born-again believers!

Remember: to trust in, and to hook-up with, the “world”, to be involved in their formats and ideas… is to “not” put our trust in the Lord! In fact, we would be preferring something/someone other than Him/His way/His wisdom, especially when we go whole-hog with the world’s defining of our success!

This week, as we follow Him, His directions on the instructional package (His Word)… and as we “believe the sent one’s, we will prosper in whatever we are attempting! For he sends His word to heal us and deliver us from all our fears! He will help us, just trust Him from the heart and do what He says.

Whichever way we decide… and we will choose… the methods of His Word or the system of the World; and we will eat the fruit of our choices!

But GOD… His mercy and grace will still be poured over us… for a season! I really don’t even know why He would help us like He does. It certainly isn’t anything or any commitment that we have done. We generally do such shameful things… the majority of the time! But His nature: He is faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness.

Many times, the reason we back up off of God’s direction and wisdom… ultimately, is because we are AFRAID (fear). Fear has torment!

We oftentimes feel helpless and powerless and are afraid that God will not ‘do it.’ But remember, the Kingdom that you have been invited to enjoy… “ain’t in a feeling”, but in having total confidence in His ability. Not in what our perceptions about ourselves and His responses will be.

Remember, your perception’s creates your own reality, not the reality guaranteed by our father God! We can’t do anything that will stop God/Jesus from restoring and or delivering us. His word to us will always be… “go and sin (miss the mark)..no more”… even if we sin the same way… 70 x 70, for the same thing… in the same day!! He has made all the provisions for us to succeed and to remain victorious! He is our waymaker, our way out, our peace, our victory… and has already given us… “the Kingdom!” We must however, access it from the inside out… and not from the outside in! He already has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus and material blessing, because of our being the seed of Abraham and in covenant with Him! We are heirs to “life… liberty… and the pursuit of what makes US happy! God is Love, God is Life, God is Word… from the “Beginning!”